"MAALU MAALU!" the fishermen shout in the streets of Colombo when they are out selling their catch in the early morning hours. When we visit our family in Sri Lanka, we wake up every morning to this announcement of fresh fish. As a start to a new day filled with colors, energy and impressions.

On a journey in 2015 we found our rugs and decided to start importing selected Sri Lankan interior and lifestyle products. Limited to the items we can not live without ourselves. The name of our small business became Maalu Maalu - fresh Sri Lankan 'catch' to the Nordic home.

Since the beginning of our Maalu Maalu adventure we have gone from finding the rugs in local markets, to now collaborating with a group of women who sew the rugs in their own homes. We buy the rugs directly from them when we are in Sri Lanka, and get new shipments to Denmark a couple a times a year.


We are inspired by thoughts of upcycling, sustainability and finding elements that add color and energy to the home.